Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Talk About a Great Classroom

Wouldn't you love to spend time in this 1st grade class?  The teacher uses simple drawings to illustrate sounds in words and she's experimenting with having students share balance balls for sitting at their desks.  She also uses a ball for sitting at her desk, to model "proper sitting etiquette."

Monday, October 13, 2014

How Many Ways Can You Make a House?

Photos from a four-year-old class of preschoolers--typically developing and some with an identified disability.
No model for the house was given, so it really is an "art" activity.  I brought the pre-cut textured shingles for the roof, just to add a little sensory something.  Used different grades of sandpaper to create the pretend roofing material.
You'll see quite a few versions of a house--very adorable.  You'll also see the daily schedule for one of the students with autism; it helps her know what's coming up next during the school day.

Monday, October 6, 2014

DonorsChoose.org--See Update at bottom of Post!

One of my veteran teacher buddies has written her second project request for items for students with autism on DonorsChoose.org--


Her first project was fully funded and the items are on the way.  How about writing a project request for your students?

Update!!!  Got an e-mail today (10-12-14)--she's fully funded!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Those Pesky SOL Scores

Oh, I got "fired up" again about a newspaper article concerning SOL scores, so I wrote one of those soapbox Letters to the Editor:

In My Opinion

Monday, September 29, 2014

Want to Work in Central Virginia?

Hope everyone's school year is going well.  I'm feeling a teensy bit stressed from having my caseload increase 40% over last year.  We need 1-2 full-time occupational therapists, right now.

If you're an experienced occupational therapist or a new grad who is willing to work hard and enjoy the benefit of an experienced OT mentor, please apply at:


Once we get more staff I hope to write more posts...

Monday, September 15, 2014

impact52.org blog and the benefits of volunteering

I am the recycled reading material recipient for my good PT buddy at work.  Tonight I read in an old Better Homes and Gardens about this organization:  http://impact52.org/

It's an attractive blog, visually, with it's plain text and b/w photos.  What's in it is even more interesting--the adventures of a middle-class family volunteering with a huge variety of service organizations.  Made me think about disconnected pre-teens and full-fledged teens who become somewhat human again while camping or hiking in the mountains, after their initial withdrawal from the grid.  Volunteering with folks less fortunate than ourselves is definitely off the grid.

Maybe some of our students and their families might try out selected service organizations.  The interesting feature of this blog is that the family works with many different organizations over time--it's engaging and the landscape is always changing.  Maybe some of our students in the schools might become interested in a particular opportunity and want to stick with it.

I think it's likely that each of us would increase skills of all types by volunteering on a consistent basis. Taking the time to volunteer exhausts me; yet, I can feel my brain synapses sparking as a result.