Monday, January 26, 2015

Kiddie Fisherman's Vest for Proprioceptive Input

I promise I haven't been online shopping at work!

Looking for an improvement to my makeshift rice bag/duct tape weighted items for kids I came across this post:

If you've tried a therapist-made or parent-fabricated weighted vest with your student and feel that it is helpful, maybe it's time to step up to a cool fisherman's vest that is probably quite durable and washable.  Use safe objects as the weights and you're all set. 

Varidesk--the perfect Valentine's Day gift for me...

I'd rather have one of these than another pretty bracelet...Uncle Grumpy (DH), are you listening?

Haven't seen one of these adjustable computer risers up close and personal, but it looks very promising and a lot less expensive than a full-desk with hydraulic riser for standing while you work.

Maybe this company will start making adjustable computer stations for treadmills???  Please do.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Shoe Tying Videos

Just found this link:

The photos and videos seem very clear.  There are three methods shown/demo'd for tying shoes.

Lions, Tigers and Elephants

These little animal beads have saved the session for me many times over.  Students really love to hold them and are motivated to write animal names more than just regular words.

It doesn't look so great, but this student's grasp really is better in this photo compared to how he usually holds a pencil or crayon: 
This student loves Scooby and will work hard to earn a sticker.  Pretty good letter formation for Lion, I'd say!
Poor elephant--we need a little more practice until we get his name legible.  I modeled the letter formation for the student but it's a long word and has some very twicky letters in it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Big Sister, Little Sister

The fidget mat production continues!  This fabric was not as thick as the initial mats I made, first attempt so it turned out to be pretty floppy.  That allows the little slider bead to move around too easily--no challenge!  If you look closely you'll see the white stitching that makes the maze.  Adorable fabric but not quite a fine motor challenge to improve prehension like my first attempts.

What's a frustrated OT to do?  Try combining fabrics to increase the stability and experiment with no maze and a smaller bead.  Turned out pretty well:

The mat on the right has no maze and one side of it is very soft, cashmere-like synthetic felt.  It has a 1/3" bead inside instead of a 1" flat, oval slider bead like the mat on the left.

Big Sister and Little Sister.  Let's see which one works better for the student; a sweet little kindergartner with the need to hold a soft fidget item in her hands from time to time during the school day.